By Sam Northup

We’ve Spent 1,000 Hours Testing 100 Online Games: Which Convinced Us The Most?

One Game Stood Out to Us

We’ve all seen it before, you get an ad for a browser or computer game which looks incredibly good - great graphics, interesting premise, but then you log in and the game itself is boring. Worst of all, to be able to win the game, or even play properly you need to invest real money from the get-go. This is the goal of many browser games: make as much money as possible from day 1, and not invest anything into the game play. We’ve tested 100 games over 3 months, looking for the best and most interesting games available online right now, and believe it or not, we’ve found that there are incredibly good free-to-play games still out there!

Are Online Games Even Worth It?

During our 3-month test, we noticed that most online game providers use various methods to generate as much money as possible from each individual user. Users are asked to pay money for every little thing, which quickly ruins the game.

Out of 100 games tested, one game really stood out to us. The graphics were better, the replayability was incredible, and you could play and win for free. The in-game purchases were really just the cherry on top. Was this really possible we thought? An online game that is free and amazing?

World of Tanks: This Tank Game Sets the Standard for Online Gaming

After a long search and many disappointing hours of play, we found an online game that immediately captivated us. It’s a multiplayer game that is made for both amateur as well as seasoned gamers to enjoy its incredible features. From in-depth strategy, to the ability to build and operate some of the most iconic and epic tanks - think Soviet T-34s, German Panzers, and of course American Shermans. World of Tanks has recently become known because of the huge hype surrounding it in Europe and Japan. We say: it’s time for us in the US to join this community!

🏆 World of Tanks: Revolutionary Tank Game Smashes the Competition

Tank strategy games are actually nothing new, but World of Tanks is a total gamechanger and stands head and shoulders above everything else. The amount of personalization, ability to build and operate tanks from the 20th century as well as the graphics are unparalleled. Your tanks engage in beautiful, scenic battles, recalling some of the most iconic events in history. Whether you’re in an American Sherman, riding through the hills, enjoying the power and speed of American ingenuity or in a Panzer VIII Maus, a German Superheavy tank, a machine that never saw the light of day in the real world, you’ll be having an total blast.

Other incredible game mechanics have you upgrading your tanks beyond anything they were able to have in the real world, and building a game that is truly your own. You’ll also have a crew that you can update, improve, hire for, and make the best tank crew in the world.

The setting is truly grand, making this game both an educational as well as entertaining way to spend time. You could be immersed in the Second World War, the Cold War, or any of the other big iconic battles of the 20th century.

One of the best things is, this game is TOTALLY FREE TO PLAY. It’s really simple, you register online, you do a quick installation, and you’re ready to operate your tanks.

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3. 100% trained crew
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Duel with Millions of Players Across the Globe!

The game has a neat progression system where players gain experience points and resources to improve their tanks and unlock new technologies. Very much like in the real world!

This quickly becomes addictive. That's why we've got to warn you: If you have a soft spot for gaming, history, or military simulations, you’ll struggle to do anything other than play World of Tanks!

Completely Free & Highly Rated

The game is completely free to play. Oftentimes, that’s actually no good thing, because it means the developers have to save somehow - either with boring mechanics, bad graphics, or other weak elements. However, games like Call of Duty have already shown that there is another way. Games can be free and incredible. World of Tanks very much falls into the latter category. Having been awarded 9/10 stars on Steam (with over 75,000 reviews), we understand why the world loves this game.

Unsurprisingly, there is a lot of content that can be purchased in World of Tanks with real money, but honestly, that’s just the cherry on top. Even without these purchases, the game will be incredibly enjoyable. But, if you would like to purchase a little extra for your tank as the game progresses, this is made easy and affordable in World of Tanks.

About the game:

Genre: Player-vs-player, military simulation
160,000,000+ and counting
2010, continually updated

Over 800 Tanks From 11 Nations are Looking for Their Next Tank Champion

The game offers a selection of over 800 armored vehicles from different countries, divided into five types: light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank destroyers and self-propelled guns (mobile artillery). You can have as many of them as you like, and you can keep customizing them, whether you want to go the historical route, or create some totally crazy combinations, World of Tanks makes that possible.

In conclusion, we couldn’t give World of Tanks a bigger and better recommendation. Our team has all continued playing World of Tanks in their spare time, and it makes an excellent distraction during long work days. World of Tanks gets the Gaming Weekly Thumbs Up, and an incredible 9/10 rating.


Get ready to experience the thrill of battle like never before! World Of Tanks is an action-packed game that puts you in the driver's seat of some of the coolest tanks in history.

With a variety of tanks to choose from, each with its unique abilities and strengths, you'll need to use your skills to outmaneuver and outgun your opponents. Whether you're a fan of World War II or just love the thrill of tank combat, this game is a must-try.

Our editorial team cannot recommend this game enough.



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